Features / Pricing



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Rate: #1,500.00K Per member per year

Setup fee: #9,999.00 only

It is pertinent to note that the entire loan approval system is done online. It is passed from one authorizing manager to another even along with remarks. Check it out! .


  • Administer Users Accountants, Staffs, Cashier etc
  • Do overall Application/Company settings
  • View and edit customers
  • View and manage loan and advances
  • Set approval limits for managers
  • Allocate amount to be shared as dividend to members
  • Backup system database
  • View log activities on the portal


  • Oversees Users
  • Do Company settings
  • View customers
  • View loan and advances
  • View log activities on the portal


  • List and edit Clients accounts
  • Add and view loan/savings transactions
  • List various transactions
  • Print Loan/Savings transactions
  • Print Loan outstanding list
  • Print overdue interest
  • View and print member account statement


  • Manager members
  • Approves pending members to become full members
  • Manage savings account
  • Manage Loan applications and approvals
  • Manage Loan and savings transactions
  • View and print loan reports
  • View and print account reports


  • View accounts
  • Add Savings or Loan transactions
  • View and print reports
  • View and print account statement


  • Creates customers
  • Create customer accounts
  • Receives and creates loans
  • Adds various cooperative accounts
  • View and print customer statement of account


  • View deposit and loan account balances at a glance
  • Make loan request anytime anywhere
  • View and prints statement of deposit or loan accounts

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