Cooperative Links Welcome Page


Credit Co-operative Society software (Cooperative Link), is a system use to manage membership, deposits and loans members of a cooperative society. It provides way you to keep your member deposit data in a systematic way in digital form which can be easily accessible due to centralized database.

Employees also handle easily users account and transactions according to role assigned to them. Manager can Add/Edit/Delete user and also assign rights to them to access the system application. In this system you can assign a person for account handling according their need. The System Automatically Send SMS to user on Successful payment of fees or any successful transaction in accounts. Manager can also send SMS to all Members about any Notice or plans going to introduce in credit co-operative society software. Members can view and print deposit or loan account online. Loan application can also be made online. Application can be easily operated using mobile phones.

Also, amortization schedule and loan agreement is automatically generated upon the approval of any loan by the Manager. This is printed and signed accordingly..

With Cooperative Links, all the important departments and functions in the school (Administration, Accounting, Customer Service, Auditing, Loan Management, Divident Management, etc) are linked together.

Just at a click with CL,
  • Loan processing is approved online. Customer file is moved from one authorizing manager to another and printed out after aproval or decline.
  • Dividend payment is entirely managed online
  • Bank balances are monitored 24/7
  • Income and expenses are tracked 24/7
  • Payment schedule is generated automatically immediately after loan approval
  • Members view and print balances and statement from Mobile phone or any Computer system
  • Members apply for loan anytime anywhere 25/7
  • And much more ..................

Cooperative Link (CL) Keeps memberss updated with status of their savings and loans.

On subscription, your portal address shall be You can give this to your website designer as a link from your website or give to your stakeholders to sign in.